Sending in Reinforcements

When disabled military contractors return home from defending America’s freedom, they enter a new battle to obtain necessary medical care and disability benefits. Costs associated with most injuries are compensable under an extension of the federal workers’ compensation program known as the Defense Base Act. However, insurance companies have a long and storied history of delaying or denying benefits while cases are being adjudicated- a process that takes on average from 6 to 18 months.

In this unfortunate holding period, disabled contractors risk losing everything.

Paying extensive medical costs without being able to work means incurring insurmountable debt for most disabled contractors. This unnecessarily jeopardizes their credit rating, ability to obtain security clearance in the future, and places an undeniable strain on close personal relationships. Many contractor families are split apart, resulting in costly divorces and child custody battles. Typically, an injured contractor is forced to sell personal items, their car, and their family home in order to survive and procure needed medical treatment.

Either directly or indirectly, insurance companies benefit from this dangerous cycle and use inefficiencies in the system to put disabled contractors in economically exploitable situations. They know that if one becomes financially desperate enough, they can offer a lowball settlement that will ultimately only provide short-term relief to the disabled worker.  

The Private Patriots Foundation believes it is a moral imperative to ensure that disabled contractors who fight for our country overseas do not have to decide between their wallet and their health.

Our Sending in Reinforcements project provides no-strings-attached awards to the families of disabled military contractors so that their primary focus can be on their health and home life.

Guidelines and Requirements

  • Recipients must be American military contractors who have returned to the United States from an overseas deployment within the last 6-12 months;

  • Recipients must be able to prove that they have an active Defense Base Act/War Hazards Claim Act claim pending;

  • Recipients must be able to prove that they have suffered a disabling injury that prevents them from returning to work in their regular capacity oversees; and

  • Recipients must be able to demonstrate an inability to make timely payments on a family house or vehicle due to their disability.


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