Like the spouses and children of active military, families of contractors serve their country in many ways. They make incredible sacrifices and provide invaluable support to their loved ones as they work for our nation’s interests overseas.

When contractors return home from their overseas deployment with life-altering injuries, many aspects of family life can suffer. The debt incurred from seeking medical treatment while being out of work can sometimes make helping pay for a child’s college education unfeasible. This needs to change.

Private Patriots offers one-time scholarship to children of injured or deceased military contractors who are entering their first year of college education.

Guidelines and Requirements

  • Recipients must be able to prove that they are the son or daughter of a permanently disabled or deceased American military contractor;

  • Recipients must be entering into the first year of a university or college for the 2019-2020 school year; and

  • Recipients must be able to prove acceptance into a accredited university or college.


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