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Should military contractors be afforded the same level of admiration and respect rightly given to the men and women of our military?

Civilian contractors are routinely used as the “tip of the spear” in hostile territories, tasked with missions deemed too dangerous or too politically sensitive for the military to undertake themselves. In many ways, members of the defense contracting community are victims of political circumstance. Our politicians in Washington D.C. know that continuing the War on Terror is a necessity, but they realize that continuing to send servicemen into battle or instituting a nation-wide draft can quickly sink their future political aspirations.

Even more politically unpopular are media headlines detailing new deployments of military forces or American soldier casualties abroad. Our politicians have tactfully avoided the political downside of the war effort by using private contractors to continue America's “dirty work” while simultaneously withdrawing troops to garner political accolade. While politicians capitalize on the use of contractors in overseas conflicts, the contracting community has been painted in an unfair light to the general public.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of contractors are former elite veterans simply seeking the higher income needed to provide a better life for their families. However, when a military contractor returns home, there are no parades welcoming them, no medals awarded for their bravery, no recognition for their valor, and their deaths are not broadcasted on the evening news.

Private Patriots seeks to reform public perception of U.S. civilian contractors who work alongside military forces abroad by telling their stories and sharing their experiences on a larger scale. With your help, we can reach this goal and help get our brave military contractors the respect and admiration they deserve.

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We seek to accomplish this in the following ways:

  • Tell Us Your Story! The internet provides such a valuable avenue for military contractors and their families to share their experiences and disseminate information that may help others cope with the wounds of war both seen and unseen. Private Patriots has started an online publication called The New Guard where we will post stories of injured military contractors and their families in an effort to make their sacrifice and bravery known and on a larger scale. If you know of someone deserving, please let us know by filling out this form.

  • Help Us Identify Heroes! We are constantly on the lookout for deserving contractors who have showed valor and bravery in combat overseas. Nominate candidates who you believe should be recognized for their service by clicking here.

  • Volunteer! Private Patriots will be hosting several large gatherings of military contractors and their families throughout the year. If you would like to volunteer to help coordinate an event, please let us know here.

  • Call Your Local Representatives! Private Patriots is deeply committed to helping shape the policies and laws that affect military contractors on a daily basis. Without pressure from the public, politicians will continue to overlook and undervalue the contracting community. Call your local representatives and let them know that you support U.S.  civilian contractors and the reformation of current laws. Click here , here or here to find your representatives.

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